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  The meeting of the Chairpersons of the Conference of Parliamentary Committees for Union Affairs (COSAC)

The meeting of the Chairpersons of the Conference of Parliamentary Committees for Union Affairs (COSAC), Parliament of Romania, Bucharest





The meeting of the Chairpersons of the Conference of Parliamentary Committees for Union Affairs is the first event which the Parliament of Romania, through the Senate, organizes as part of the parliamentary dimension of the first rotating Presidency of the Council of the European Union held by Romania.

This reunion brings together the chairpersons of the European Affairs committees of member states, those of EU admission candidates as well as representatives from the European Parliament and the European Commission. The importance of this conference is underlined by the fact that it will present and clarify the priorities of the Romanian EU Council Presidency, it will debate upon the bi-annual COSAC report, prepares the COSAC plenary meeting as well as a panel which will debate upon the Convergence and European cohesion.

The meeting of COSAC Chairpersons is preceded by a reunion of the presidential troika composed of the delegations representing the national parliaments of the acting president (Romania), the former president (Austria) and the future president (Finland) as well as the European Parliament. The purpose of the reunion is to discuss and agree on the agenda, participants, topics and other important aspects pertaining to the meeting.

COSAC was created in Paris, on the 16th-17tháof November 1989 by the President of the French National Assembly. It has brought together, once every six months starting from 1989, the specialized bodies of national parliaments which deal with European affairs as well as representatives of the European Parliament and of the Commission. Each conference is called by the parliament of the country which holds the office of President of the Council of the European Union and is prepared in cooperation with the European Parliament and the other troika parliaments. These debates target important topics concerning European policy. COSAC plays a pivotal role in the active participation of national parliaments in the debates regarding EU affairs.

COSAC is not a decision-making body, rather, its role is one of consultation and parliamentary coordination, shaping its position through consensus. In accordance with the Protocol regarding the role of national parliaments, COSAC may bring whichever contribution it feels adequate to the attention of the institutions of the European Union. However, COSAC▀┤s contributions do not bind national parliaments in any way nor do they affect their position.

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Gabriela Crețu

Chairwoman of European Affairs Committee of the Senate and Chairwoman of Joint Special Committee of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate for coordinating the parliamentary activities necessary for the preparation of the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the EU

Angel Tîlvăr

Chair of the Committee on European Affairs of Chamber of Deputies


Ana Birchal

Vice Prime Minister for Romaniaߴs Strategic Partnershipsߴ Implementation

Corina Crețu

European Commissioner for Regional Policy

Cristian-Sorin Dumitrescu

Chairman of the Committee for Foreign Affairs of the Senate

Daniel Dăianu

Member of the Board, National Bank of Romania and member of the Romanian Academy

Contact persons

Nicoleta Aldea
Head of the Secretariat of the European Affairs Committee

tél: +4 021 414 2618

email: nicoleta.aldea@senat.ro; cae@senat.ro

Petronela Dobrin
Head of European Affairs Division

tél: +4 021 414 2701

email: petronela@senat.ro

Carmen MihŃileanu
Parliamentary advisor, European Affairs Division

tél: +4 021 414 2701

email: carmen.mihaileanu@senat.ro