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  Meeting on Common Agricultural Policy and Cohesion Policy

Meeting on Common Agricultural Policy and Cohesion Policy, Parliament of Romania, Bucharest





The timeframe of the Romanian Presidency at the Council of the European Union is marked by a very complex European and international context.

Following the new proposals of the European Commission, the budget allotted for traditional structural policies that are designed to bring added value to our citizens is put under pressure.

In June 2018 the European Commission published its legislative proposals for the CAP post-2020 that is based on a "new delivery model".

As the reform of Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is in strong connection with the new Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027 we propose a debate on the impact of these new measures for the European food security and sovereignty and the environmental and territorial balance.

We would also like to launch a debate regarding the most appropriate solutions and instruments that will help us maintain a sustainable agriculture throughout the EU, addressing important cross-border issues such as climate change and reinforcing solidarity   among Member States.

In order to adapt to the new realities, the Commission proposed a reform of the cohesion policy in the next EU long term budget that includes decreasing of funds allotted.

Which will be the costs of these cuts on the long run for the development of the Union?

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Alexandru Stănescu

Chair of the Committee for Agriculture, Forestry, Food Industry and Specific Services, Chamber of Deputies, Parliament of Romania

Barna Tánczos

Vice Chair of the Committee for Agriculture, Food Industry and Rural Development, Senate, Parliament of Romania

Florin-Claudiu Roman

Chair of the Committee for public administration and land planning, Chamber of Deputies

Contact persons

Ioana Bâgneanu
Parliamentary advisor, General Directorate for Foreign Affairs and Protocol

tel: +4 021 414 1990

email: cap.ro2019@cdep.ro

Irina Alecu
Parliamentary advisor, Directorate for Relations with International Organizations and EU

tel: +4 021 414 1436

email: cap.ro2019@cdep.ro